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About Us

UsOur African adventure was rooted in the desire to celebrate the end of our respective bar exams and, indeed, the end of our days as "students." Carson, having just graduated from Harvard Law School, suffered through the New York bar exam, while myself, having just graduated from Indiana University School of Law - Indianapolis, took the Hoosier version. We'd soon begin our careers in the legal profession and thought an adventerous vacation was in order before settling in on office life.

The trip offered a tremendous amount of beauty and natural splendour. The idea behind it first arose after idle talk of visiting one of the seven natural wonders of the world. But a new itinerary in Tanzania soon prevailed as the perfect mix of challenges, intrigue, and relaxation.

Carson and I first met as undergraduate students at Indiana University. Our time there was an adventure in and of itself, and you can explore some of that at the Bryan House website, complete with stories and hundreds of pictures.

But this website is about a different sort of adventure and I hope you enjoy its chronicles here.

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