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A Memorandum of the 80th Illinois Infantry

Published on 15 January 2015 under Civil War
A Memorandum of the 80th Illinois Infantry

I have published a new book titled “A Memorandum of the 80th Illinois Infantry: Civil War Notes of Pvt. Armgstrong McGee.” It is available here through Lulu Press. This work is a regimental log of the 80th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment documenting its activities in the American Civil War from 27 October 1863 to 17 June 1865. There is no evidence that this memorandum has ever been published before, nor is there evidence that previous Civil War historians knew of its existence.

The 80th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment saw substantial action in the war. It traveled over 6,000 miles and was engaged in more than 20 pitched battles. Although the language used in this memorandum is naturally choppy and rough compared to more modern narratives, it will hopefully serve as a useful puzzle piece in the larger history of the regiment, and indeed of the war itself.


Published on 15 January 2014 under History

My latest website design is now up at, a website for the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (SUVCW). The SUVCW is a fraternal organization dedicated to preserving the history and legacy of heroes who fought and worked to save the Union. Organized in 1881 and chartered by Congress in 1954, we are the legal successor to the Grand Army of the Republic.

Genealogical Research

Published on 20 January 2009 under History

The Claybourn Genealogical Society (CGS) exists to provide leadership in assembling and recording data and information on ancestors and descendants of the Claybourn families and to cultivate the ties of friendship among their descendants. CGS also works to preserve and safeguard manuscripts, books, cemeteries, and memorabilia relating to Claybourns.

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