In June of 2013, we set out to celebrate our marriage in Nicaragua. Our destination was Jicaro Ecolodge, a beautiful high-end nature eco resort located on a private island in Lake Nicaragua not far from Granada, Nicaragua's fifth largest city. This brief webpage is intended to document some of that experience. Click on any image below to see a larger version.

Romantic Getaway

Jicaro is every bit a tropical paradise. We treated ourselves to yoga, classes on local cocktails, and romantic dinners.

We had our own cottage, called a casita. The island had nine in total and all of them were just a short walk to the pool, restaurant, and wellness center. Jicaro prides itself on conservation and ecological sustainability. The casitas and the furniture are made locally from Rainforest Alliance certified wood. We especially liked the pool, hammock, comfy bed, and early morning coffee and hot chocolate. We even received a nice late afternoon turn-down service.

One of the nice romantic perks was a dinner to ourselves on a floating dock, pictured below. Food was delivered by boat as the sun set in the shadow of Mount Mombacho.

Zip Lining and Mount Mombacho

Nicaragua offered a number of great activities and zip lining is quickly becoming a tourist favorite, so we took part. Afterward, we explored the upper crater of Mount Mombacho, a stratovolcano overlooking the city of Granada and Lake Nicaragua. It is about 4,400 feet high. The last eruption occurred in 1570 and the rock spewed forth helped create some of the islands in Lake Nicaragua. The highest regions of the volcano are home to a cloud forest and dwarf forest, which contains flora and fauna that are endemic purely to the volcano.

Jicaro Relaxation and Activities

Jicaro was incredibly relaxing. It offered an infinity pool, plenty of cozy reading nooks, and gorgeous sunsets. Yet the island also offered a nice mix of activities. At sunrise we climbed an observation deck to watch birds and then took a kayak to explore the wonderful ecosystem that surrounds Jicaro. We saw all kinds of birds, and even a lizard said hello.

Grenada City Tour

We wanted to explore the famous city of Granada, established in 1524 by the Spaniard Francisco Hernandez de Cordoba, the oldest colonial city on mainland America and considered one of the prettiest cities in Latin America. We visited relevant sites and colonial buildings as well as the San Francisco Museum, which preserves some of the most interesting indigenous ceramic and statue collections. We also learned more about Granada's development since the pre-Columbian period, including interesting stories about real pirates and civil war that burned the city to ashes.


Jicaro offered a more interactive tourism than is typically offered, with greater respect for the social-cultural and ecological interests of the local communities, higher standards of service, along with the ability to protect and regenerate the natural environment and local customs. As we said our farewell we had fun taking part in learning local dance customs from natives who had visited the island.